Osteopathy is a manual treatment method where different tissues in the body are mobilised using specially designed osteopathic techniques. In light of the current legal regulations relating to the Act on the Advertisement of Medical Products (Heilmittelwerbegesetz), for further information on osteopathy please refer to the internet, eg. or

Feldenkrais Method

My treatments are partly influenced by the Feldenkrais Method. This is an educational system developed by the Israeli physicist Moshe Feldenkrais. He studied the interplay between sensory perception, feeling, thought and movement. The idea incorporates several aspects, including expanding the body’s movement repertoire by becoming consciously aware of passive and active movements. Whilst children expand and improve their movement repertoire through play by continually trying something new, we as adults continuously limit ourselves, our range of movement becomes smaller and the quality of our movements decreases. This is where the Feldenkrais Method comes in to play – learning to learn once again by becoming consciously aware of movements and playfully and creatively discovering new ones. Leaving old habits behind and moving one step closer to freedom (of movement), in thought, feeling, action…
With this new experimentation in movement comes improved mobility within the body’s connective tissue. This is where the Feldenkrais Method meets osteopathy.

The process of healing and progression

Health is a dynamic state and includes the ability of an organism to adjust to changing requirements and to continually try to keep everything in balance.
I see my work both as helping in the healing process and as supporting a progression towards becoming a better developed person, who can not only overcome challenges in his/her surrounding but can also play an active role in shaping this. It is thanks to my early contact with the Feldenkrais Method and my Feldenkrais teacher for many years, Eli Wadler, that I place an emphasis on the development aspect, aside from simply clearing symptoms. This approach came up again later in biodynamic osteopathy with my teachers René Briand and Piet Dijs.
Since the birth of my own daughter in 2010 I have felt more confident in treating infants and children and have become increasingly more involved in looking into possibilities to support children in their development. Whilst doing so I came across the subject of highly sensitive children/people, something I make use of in my work.


I feel that it is important that my treatments (which usually last one hour) take place in an undisturbed and quiet atmosphere. Another room is also available if necessary for resting post treatment, for anyone accompanying you, or for feeding or looking after your child.


For as many different reasons there are that we do not fully develop potential abilities, or that we may experience blockages or suffer from illnesses, there are just as many different options to treat these. This is why I view my work as one element of the whole personal healing and progression process and enjoy cooperating with committed colleagues in other fields.

Thank you

Last but not least I would like to thank everyone who has and continues to put their confidence in me and has therefore contributed in expanding my knowledge and abilities as well as aiding my own personal development.